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This support site, aims to provide a virtual meeting place for single lone parent mums, and dads, thereby helping to reduce the isolation and loneliness that lone single parents some times feel.

The site provides a means for individuals to make new friends, gain advice and support through the chat rooms, and forums, as well as through the Dating Site. We recognise that, for various reasons, not all single or lone parents are able to meet with others outside their home. Through this site, we put lone parents in touch with each other, globally, nationally and regionally.

The Site also provides practical advice and support through links to other resources - JobCentre, New Deal, CAB and a counselling Directory, for instance, helping our members to help themselves by providing information that may otherwise be inaccessible.

The site is currently owned by Adrian (Voiceofreason) and relies on income generated through the dating site and donations to cover the running costs.

Site History
The site has been up and running for 8 years, with a current membership of 2500 approx., but this does not reflect the true membership as the site has undergone previous incarnations. We estimate a more realistic figure to be in excess of 10 000. New membership currently is between 5 and 10 a week on the Lone parents site.

Most important strengths and core competencies:
The presence of the site through its strong position on most search engines makes it a primary resource for those surfing the net for support. In addition, its active member base and forums make it a dynamic site with a sense of it being lively and dynamic. Unlike some of its competitors, the forums are visible when entering the site, so it has good "shop front" presence and feels friendly and accessible. It is well moderated and the owner takes an active role in this, which makes the site safe, welcoming and creates a culture which the members quickly feel they belong to and is inclusive.


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